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Tips for a Healthier Halloween

Halloween for many families is a fun-filled evening; however, it often leads to sweet-tooth heaven for many kids and adults for weeks following. For many parents, it is tricky to be excited for “Trick-or-Treat” when you know the challenges with too many sweets around the house. Here are some tips to keep your Halloween a happy, healthy, and haunted evening: 1. Focus the celebration on these aspects and less on the candy. Halloween is fun because of the decorations, costumes, social gatherings, and music. Involve the kids when decorating and planning the evening. Gather with another family to enjoy dinner.... Keep reading »

Stuttering: Will My Child Outgrow it?

Stuttering is common when children are learning to talk. As a parent, this can be a stressful time full of... Read full post »
Halloween Candy 3

6 Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Food Allergies

Any food centered event can introduce challenges for families and children with food allergies. Trick or treating and Halloween celebrations,... Read full post »
Adult Congenital Heart Disease Myths

Myths About Adult Congenital Heart Disease

If you’re a teen or adult who had congenital heart disease (CHD), or a heart defect, as a child, you... Read full post »

5 Ebola Facts We Want You To Know

Update 10/24 Because we are receiving so many questions about the hospital’s preparation for handling Ebola we wanted to provide... Read full post »

Radon: Keeping Your Family Safe

Do you know what the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States is? Do you know what... Read full post »

4 Tips to Prevent Your Child from Choking (Video)

Choking is the leading cause of injury and death in children, especially those under age 4. A recent study found... Read full post »

Looking for Answers: Rare Diseases and Gene Therapy Research

For parents and families of children with undiagnosed conditions, the road to diagnosis can be a long and frustrating experience.... Read full post »

The Pros and Cons of Homemade Baby Food

Parents (and grandparents) are always eager to start babies on solid food. The most common question for pediatricians: when can... Read full post »