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Athletes and Hydrating: What You Need to Know

Athletes are always being reminded to hydrate and coaches are always encouraged to offer more water breaks. But the recent death of a Georgia high school football player after drinking too much fluid during practice has many raising the question: “How much is too much?” Although this tragedy is a rare occurrence, it is important for parents, athletic trainers, and coaches to understand the importance of proper, balanced hydration, especially during the summer months. Children do not adapt as efficiently as adults to high temperatures. They also differ from adults in their production of heat during exercise and sweat capacity.... Keep reading »

How to Deal With Adolescent Depression

The suicide of Robin Williams is a tragic reminder that depression and other mood disorders can be fatal illnesses. Depression,... Read full post »

Back to School with Asthma

“My child hasn’t needed their inhaler all summer, so do I still need to send one to school?” That’s a... Read full post »

5 Ebola Facts We Want You To Know

Ebola virus is in the news because of the current outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. You may... Read full post »
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Warning: We’re Going to Talk About Poop

It’s a topic that few parents want to talk about, let alone admit that their child has a problem with.... Read full post »

How One Family Made a Difference through ResearchMatch

Megan Reynolds considers herself fortunate. She is the mother of two healthy boys. As an employee of Nationwide Children’s Hospital,... Read full post »
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How to Prevent Ear Infections While Swimming

The beautiful sunny days of summer have arrived! But for some kids with ear problems, summer brings unwanted trouble –... Read full post »
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Why We Talk about Poop for a Peeing Problem

Is your child urgently running to the bathroom and having urinary accidents? Is your child experiencing urinary tract infections (UTIs)... Read full post »
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Homemade Baby Food: The Danger of Botulism

During our last blog post, we talked about the danger of nitrates in homemade baby food. Today I want to... Read full post »