image of boy with lower limb loss

Limb Loss: Adapting to Challenges and Hitting Milestones

There are currently over 2 million Americans living with limb loss. Pediatric limb deficiency results from birth defects, tumors, severe... Read full post »
image of school aged girl

Malone Appendicostomy: Relief from Chronic Constipation

A Malone appendicostomy (MACE) is a surgery that makes a pathway from the belly button to the colon. It is... Read full post »
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Ulcerative Colitis in Children: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Inflammatory bowel diseases, which are chronic inflammatory conditions that affect the gastrointestinal tract, include ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s disease... Read full post »
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Baby Wipes, Antacids and Antibiotics: Do They Cause Food Allergies?

You may be wondering what these three things have in common. Recent media headlines have claimed that each of these... Read full post »
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Kitchen Readiness: Tips to Keep Your Child Safe

The noises, smells, and socialization of mealtime may be fascinating to young children. Having kids help in the kitchen can... Read full post »
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What Parents Need to Know About the Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

Just when you thought the drug epidemic couldn’t get any worse, along comes a new danger: deadly bleeding from contaminants... Read full post »
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Bone Fractures in Children: When Should Parents Be Concerned?

As kids play hard, or engage in vigorous or high-speed physical activities like biking or skateboarding, they may fall hard... Read full post »
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Autism Awareness Day: A Time for Acceptance and Action

April 2 marks the 11th annual World Autism Awareness Day – a day to recognize people living with autism. Cities... Read full post »