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The Challenges of Managing Asthma

Management of asthma requires understanding the underlying condition, knowledge about specific triggers (viral infections, weather changes, cigarette smoke, exercise, allergens),... Read full post »
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Potty Talk: Do You Know Squat About Constipation?

There is no shortage of television commercials related to constipation medications. It seems that everyone is constipated these days. Not... Read full post »
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When Your Daughter Wants Plastic Surgery: What Parents Need to Know About Labial Hypertrophy

If you have a tween or teen daughter, then you are all too familiar with the images and ideals of... Read full post »
Detergent Packet Dangers

Laundry Detergent Packet Dangers

Hey, moms and dads: I get it. You are busy. I’m a parent. I’m busy, too. My calendar is so... Read full post »
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The Importance of Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes

Young athletes train long hours for their sport. In order to optimize that training, proper nutrition needs to be a... Read full post »
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Safe Storage and Disposal of Prescription Pain Medicine

In national surveys, over 10% of high school seniors report lifetime misuse of prescription opioids (pain killers). Many people think... Read full post »
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Stress and Physical Symptoms: When It’s Not Just in Your Head

Most people know that when we have an illness, how we feel physically affects how we feel mentally.  So, it... Read full post »
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Using Video Analysis to Prevent Throwing Injuries

Continuing advancements in technology have given athletic trainers tools to help provide the best care for student athletes, and with... Read full post »