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Food Allergies: How to Safely Navigate Outings

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Holiday celebrations with friends and family almost always center around food. While these visits are simply good times to many, for families of food allergy sufferers, an invite can mean preparing for a stressful event. People with food allergies experience reactions when they touch or eat a food they are allergic to. Food allergy reactions occur within minutes, are reproducible with every exposure, and can become very serious, even life-threatening, within a matter of minutes. Common symptoms include itchy hives and swelling, but can progress to include difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, vomiting, loss of consciousness, and unfortunately, even death. People... Keep reading »

Research to Improve The Lives of Children

(Updated on November 21. 2014) Did you know that Nationwide Children’s Hospital is home to one of America’s top 10... Read full post »
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Why Your Toddler is Biting and Hitting

Biting and hitting are common problems during the toddler years, and whether your child is on the giving or receiving... Read full post »
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Making Connections: Research Deepens Understanding of Motor Neuron Disorders.

Researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital are testing a groundbreaking therapy that could revolutionize the treatment of the largest genetic killer... Read full post »
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Fevers: Your Questions Answered

In our last blog post on fevers, we explained what a fever is and why it happens. These are a... Read full post »
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7 Myths and Facts about Celiac Disease

Walking through the aisles of your neighborhood grocery store, you’re sure to see any number of gluten-free products, ranging from... Read full post »

Laundry Pod Dangers (Video)

Hey, moms and dads: I get it. You are busy. I’m a parent. I’m busy, too. My calendar is so... Read full post »

Practicing Positive Discipline

“Spanking was a common form of discipline in my home and my school. I got spanked all the time and... Read full post »
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Palliative Care When There is No Cure

As a pediatric palliative care and hospice doctor, I often ask parents what goals and hopes they have for their... Read full post »