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Teens and Pregnancy: 10 Things They Don’t Tell Your Teen in Sex Ed

Some parents may find it awkward or difficult to talk to their kids about sex, but May is Teen Pregnancy... Read full post »
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Flat Feet: Why Kids Should Go Barefoot This Summer

A flexible, flat foot is considered a part of typical development until a child is 6-years-old. Most infants are born... Read full post »

Helping the Sickest Children Navigate the Health Care System

Dealing with the health care system can be frustrating no matter who you are, or how healthy you tend to... Read full post »
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Early Motor Milestones: What to Expect in Your Child 6-12 Months

The other day we discussed early motor milestones for babies from birth to six months. Here are some guidelines for... Read full post »
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Early Motor Milestones: What to Expect in Your Child 0-6 Months

Becoming a parent is so exciting; we read books, talk with our friends and do as much research as possible... Read full post »
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Kangaroo Care: What Every NICU Parent Should Know

I’ll admit it. I have a pretty amazing job. I get to work with very small babies in the neonatal... Read full post »
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E-cigarettes and Liquid Nicotine: Are They Safe to Use Around Kids?

You already know that secondhand smoke from cigarettes is bad for your kids, but do you know about the dangers... Read full post »
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Why Your Child Should Be Strength Training This Summer

Even though it feels like we just put away our winter coats, fall is just around the corner. For fall... Read full post »