image of laundry pods

Have You Heard of the Tide Pod Challenge? Your Kids Probably Have!

The Challenge By now, many people have heard about the Tide Pod challenge. Teens are filming themselves biting into or... Read full post »
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Dyslexia: Helping Kids Who Struggle with Reading, Writing and Spelling

Children who struggle with reading, writing or spelling can be perceived as lacking intelligence or motivation, but they may actually... Read full post »
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Robotic Surgery: Advancements in the Operating Room

When I was a medical student in the late 80s and was interested in steering my future toward a career... Read full post »
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Nail Biting Prevention and Habit Reversal Tips: How to Get Your Child to Stop

Nail-biting is a common and frustrating habit for many children, teens and parents. Roughly half of all children bite their... Read full post »

Bed Bugs 101

Yuck. This week four Ohio cities made a list no one wants to be on. “Orkin Releases Top 50 Bed... Read full post »
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Logan Paul and Teaching Kids About Social Media Responsibility

By now, you have probably heard about the video shared by YouTube star, Logan Paul, which included images of a... Read full post »
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Rolling Techniques to Relieve Pain, Discomfort and Tension

Everyone has dealt with sore, tense or cramped muscles from time to time and as a physical therapist, I regularly... Read full post »
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Asbestos in Children’s Makeup: What’s the Risk to Your Child?

Asbestos can be a scary thing. And, in a child’s toy or makeup it can seem especially worrisome. For parents... Read full post »