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The Dangers of Mercury and How to Get Rid of it Safely

The professionals at the Central Ohio Poison Center love to give good news (“That poison you’re calling about – the... Read full post »
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Video Analysis for Running Gait: Proper Form Makes All the Difference

Though running is not a skill often taught, there is a right and a wrong way to run. Despite technological... Read full post »
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Bike Safety 101

Many people are ditching their cars in favor of two-wheels. Why this huge increase in biking over the past decade?... Read full post »
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Portable Pool Safety: Keeping Kids Safe in the Backyard

During the hot summer, parents are always looking for ways to keep their children entertained and cool. While portable pools,... Read full post »
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Family Fun with Pokémon GO

My kids have begun inviting me on excursions into the great outdoors. In the past week, we have trekked through... Read full post »
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Residents, Fellows, Attendings…Oh, My! Who Are All These People and Are They “Real” Doctors?

When your child is in the hospital, the number of doctors who will visit during the day and on rounds... Read full post »
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Sunscreen and Sun Safety Tips

Wearing sunscreen is important to protect your child’s skin from sunburn now, and prevent skin cancers down the line. Before... Read full post »
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Low Back Pain in Children and Adolescents

Most people think of lower back pain as an “older person’s” diagnosis, but it has become prevalent in children and... Read full post »