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On February 13th, the City of Columbus marked the close of our 200th Bicentennial Celebration with the creation of a 100-year time capsule.  To be opened in 2112, the city’s Tricentennial, the capsule contained many objects of historical significance to our community.  That’s why we were thrilled when Mayor Coleman’s office asked if we would donate your “Wishing Tree Wishes” to the effort.

Special wishes we collected last year

Special wishes we collected last year

More than 1,200 of your wishes, written last June as part of the “Wishing Tree Project,” will be placed in the time capsule.  These wishes were written as part of the hospital dedication celebrations, providing our staff, patients and the community as a whole the chance to share future hopes for themselves, for our patients or for any issue they care about.

It was a special moment as we bundled the hundreds of brightly colored tags together to be sent to the city.  There were so many funny, touching and heart-breaking wishes that were shared.

Six year-old Merideth wished, “that it would rain candy,”  and four year-old Amelia’s wish “is to be a mermaid.”

Twelve year-old Tamia shared her wish while she was waiting for her surgery at Children’s, ” My wish is that the operation is successful and that I’m brave.  I wish that the pain goes away quickly.”

Becky Gaskill, a Children’s employee, wishes that “many cures care by found and provide many years of smiles and birthdays.”

Twelve year-old Sami wishes “my sister Megan will be able to speak one day.”

Eight year-old Lily, “I wish for them to cure cancer.”

and a very special wish from Eleven year-old patient Breanna; “My wish is to be as normal as everyone I know.  I pray my doctors can fix me.  I wish I can drink.  There is a scar on my body for every year I am old.  I am alive because this hospital has saved my life.”

For Breanna – any everyone who shared a wish – we hope they all come true (except maybe Merideth’s raining candy wish).  Our wishes and thoughts are with our patients and their families every day.  I am thrilled that they can be part of our city’s history and thank you to everyone who took time to share them.

Columbus Time Capsule to be opened 2112

Columbus Time Capsule to be opened 2112

Donna Teach
Donna Teach is Chief Marketing & Communication Officer at Nationwide Children's. Her job is to help the hospital feel "connected" – Connected to each other, connected to our patients and their families, referring physicians, the community and the world.

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