Inside the new hospital’s patient rooms

Have you ever spent the night here as a parent or a patient? If you have, you know first-hand how important the design of the patient rooms is for the new hospital.

In fact, it’s so important that we built full-size mock-up rooms so patients, staff and parents could give feedback, and we made dozens of changes and modifications as result. We even went so far as to sleep on the furniture we were asking parents to sleep on (really we did), because we knew if we weren’t comfortable, our families wouldn’t be either. The bottom-line is that if we couldn’t find what we wanted from existing manufacturers we designed it ourselves. As a result, our sleeping couches, bathtubs, locked cabinetry and much more are found only here at Nationwide Children’s. Many other hospital’s are now touring here so they can bring our innovations to their patients.

It’s this attention to detail that created these new rooms. Although the full hospital doesn’t open until June 20th, a small number of these rooms are already open on the 4th and 5th floors for patients and families. Reviews so far are glowing. In this video, Kim Meacham provides a tour. Kim’s son, Chase, spent more than a year here as a cancer patient so Kim can truly appreciate the “before and after.”

If you’ve stayed in the new rooms, we’d love to hear your comments. Also, drop me a note if you have any questions about the new hospital.

Donna Teach
Donna Teach is Chief Marketing & Communication Officer at Nationwide Children's. Her job is to help the hospital feel "connected" – Connected to each other, connected to our patients and their families, referring physicians, the community and the world.

5 thoughts on “Inside the new hospital’s patient rooms

  1. Cherstin Masoner on said:

    We stayed at the new hospital just a few weeks ago and having stayed in the old too, I can say that this is a major upgrade! We fly from Florida for my Son to work with the CL/P team there and also for him to have his surgeries by Dr. Kirschner. We cannot say enough good things about the hospital/staff. The service my son receives, the upbeat personalities of everyone who works there, employees who go the extra mile & now the most innovative new children’s hospital around. We feel so blessed to be able to come to you guys. I joked with my husband that the hospital room we stayed in felt almost like “Hospital Disney World”. The designers did not miss a thing and everything was so high tech. It was very reassuring with the ease of everything and very comforting. We love Nationwide!

    1. We are happy to hear this feedback. If you have to be here, we wanted to make it as comfortable as possible. Thank you for the kind words about the hospital and DR. Kirschner and his team. All the best to your family!

  2. Amy Berger on said:

    Please, please, please tell me the hallways and other rooms are painted nice colors. Maybe with some murals, instead of the white hosptial walls. I understand its a hospital, but it doesn’t have to look like one. Some beautiful pictures on the walls isn’t going to detract from the wonderful care the kids receive there. On behalf of Nicole, 5 years old, and patient

    1. Nicole, the new hospital is amazing! Tons of beautiful colors and animals. Those will also be incorporated into a later time into the existing hospital too!

  3. Jeny visocky on said:

    The hospital is beautiful one of the best I have being to but cancer kids need better treatment for fevers an emergency trip to the ER for three days is really dramatic for the young kids, when the kids get chemotherapy is more invasive but the clinic wont see them for a fever and to give them their antibiotic what’s that all about?

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