Exclusive Sneak Preview-Our New Holiday Commercial

The holiday season is here – it’s a magical time with family and friends but it’s also a busy time here at the hospital.  It’s hard to imagine but we have more than 120,000 patient visits in November and December.  It’s sad to think of that many kids having their holidays disrupted by illness and injury. Although we do everything we can to keep kids out of the hospital during this time; they still need chemotherapy, dialysis, emergency surgery, rehab and the list goes on.  Unfortunately, our work doesn’t stop because it’s the holidays.

That’s why community support is so important.  Gifts, of every size, make a difference for the children and families we serve – especially at this time of year.  They help us cover big expenses like charity care, research and new facilities but even the smallest gifts help us with things that are important to our patients and families like our holiday gift program and support services for financially-challenged families.

The bottom line – every gift matters!  I’m excited to share with you our new commercial that will start tomorrow and be running throughout the holiday season.  You’re actually seeing it first here!   I can’t wait to hear what you think.   Over the next several posts I’ll tell you the behind-the-scenes stories of making this very special message and the children it features (we shed many tears through this shoot).   These are all current patients – most of who will unfortunately spend their holidays here.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Donna Teach
Donna Teach is Chief Marketing & Communication Officer at Nationwide Children's. Her job is to help the hospital feel "connected" – Connected to each other, connected to our patients and their families, referring physicians, the community and the world.

One thought on “Exclusive Sneak Preview-Our New Holiday Commercial

  1. Beautifully done. Very honest, very touching. Both of my kids have been patients of Dr. Denham, so it was very special to see her in the commercial.

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