Children’s Clubhouse has a new home

ClubhouseA special place just for brothers and sisters

When a child needs medical care the entire family is impacted including brothers and sisters. That’s why we created the Children’s Clubhouse – a special place on our campus just for pre-school and school-aged siblings. The Clubhouse is also important to parents – giving them peace of mind so they can focus on the child in their family requiring medical treatment or a hospital stay.

The Children’s Clubhouse is more than a play environment it’s about helping relieve stress and anxiety for siblings. The Center is operated by Nationwide Children’s Child Life Specialists. Brothers and sisters can ask questions about their siblings’ illnesses – and get answers they’ll understand in a safe and supportive environment just for them. And now the Clubhouse has a new home – right off the Magic Forest in the new hospital lobby. The new Clubhouse has even more space and many special features including a wishing tree with brothers and sisters can hang get-well wishes. Clubhouse 2

The Clubhouse is a free service for our patient families with hours seven days a week. Our website includes more details.

Donna Teach
Donna Teach is Chief Marketing & Communication Officer at Nationwide Children's. Her job is to help the hospital feel "connected" – Connected to each other, connected to our patients and their families, referring physicians, the community and the world.

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  1. Adrianna Weaver on said:

    Do you need volunteers for the Children’s Clubhouse? I’m looking for volunteer opportunities where I can bring my 3-year old daughter.

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