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All About Croup

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How to Be Prepared for Cold Weather Emergencies

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No Poo in the Pool! Tips for Safe Enjoyment of the Water

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Cicadas: They’re Baaack!

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Cough Talk: What Does All That Hacking Mean?

Cough Talk: What Does All That Hacking Mean?

Right now, there is probably at least one person in your household that has a cough. Coughs are often associated... Read full post »
Person aookying bug spray

Bug Off! Bug Repellent Tips

Bzzzzzzzz. Smack. Ouch! Isn’t bug season almost over already? Unfortunately, some of the season’s biggest pests aren’t about to go... Read full post »
Boy drinking Water

Don’t Let the August Heat Get You Down

Written by Catherine Earlenbaugh, RN, Westerville Urgent Care Center The arrival of August makes people start thinking about the end... Read full post »

Parents: Avoid the Barefoot Blues

During summer, our urgent care sees a lot of foot injuries from kids who’ve decided to go shoeless or run... Read full post »