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How Adenoid Removal May Help Your Child’s Chronic Runny Nose

It’s not unusual to see a kid with a stuffy, runny nose or a child with an ear infection. Often,... Read full post »
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Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

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Auditory Processing Disorder: Understanding the ABCs of APD

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Hearing Screening at School: What to Expect if Your Child Gets Tested

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Sore Throat Spectrum: Runny Nose to Strep and Everything in Between

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Ear Tube Removal: Is it Necessary?

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Turn It Down: Ear Buds and Hearing Loss

Turn It Down: Ear Buds and Hearing Loss

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Helping Your Child Adjust to Hearing Aids

Each year, thousands of school-aged children and newborn babies are diagnosed with some degree of hearing loss. For many of... Read full post »