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Bug Off! Bug Repellent Tips

Bzzzzzzzz. Smack. Ouch! Isn’t bug season almost over already?

Unfortunately, some of the season’s biggest pests aren’t about to go on break until it gets much cooler. Wearing long sleeved shirts and pants can help minimize bites – but that can be tough to do when it’s still hot outside. That’s where bug repellents containing some of these ingredients can help.

  • DEET: This bug repellent chemical is the most effective and will last between 2 and 5 hours. It comes in several concentrations; never use a product with a DEET concentration higher than 30% on a child.
  • Picaridin: Picaridin lasts longer than DEET (3-8 hours) but repels bugs at the same level seen with a 10% concentration of DEET.
  • Essential Oils: Made from plants like citronella, lemon or eucalyptus, essential oils work about as well as 10% DEET, and last for up to 2 hours. They can irritate skin.
  • Permethrin: This type of bug repellant should only be applied to clothing and never directly on the skin. It kills ticks on contact. Permethrin can stay on clothing even after multiple washings.

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  1. Another great one to try as a DIY! 3 oz cool filtered water<1 oz alomnd oil10 drops peppermint oil10 drops lavender oil3 5 drops of eucalyptus oil-use a good quality essential oil-store in the fridge and keep out of the sun if possible so the oils do not degrade

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