Born with Spina Bifida: Blake’s Journey Home

We start taking care of many patients before they are even born. All this week, we’re taking you on a journey with one of those babies.

Nationwide Children’s spent 5 months documenting key moments in the lives of the Mompher family. Back in May of 2013, Megan Mompher had just received news that her third child, a son, would be born with myelomeningocele, the most common and severe type of spina bifida. Spina bifida is neurological condition that can cause a portion of the spinal cord and the surrounding structures to develop outside, instead of inside, the body. These babies need complex, life-long care.

Nationwide Children’s is part of a group of hospitals called the Ohio Fetal Medicine Collaborative, which works together to create best outcomes for high-risk expectant mothers and their babies diagnosed with a condition or disease in utero. The collaborative is a well-oiled machine. Mothers who receive a diagnosis are immediately connected with the necessary pediatric experts here at Nationwide Children’s to help them prepare and determine best possible treatment options. My role as the Fetal Medicine nurse coordinator is support families during pregnancy and answer questions and concerns about the baby’s condition.

You’re about to get a rare, inside look at the teamwork it takes to bring a baby with special needs safely into the world, and how that team supports the family every step of the way.

Here’s Part 1 of Blake’s Journey.

To view all episodes and the full documentary, click here.

Becky Corbitt, RN
Becky Corbitt, RN, MSN, CNL is the Program Coordinator of Fetal Medicine Clinic at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Becky works collaboratively with the physicians who lead and conduct the program. She works directly with parents and the referring physicians to coordinate the care of the baby. She is a 1997 graduate of the University of Cincinnati, College of Nursing with a Bachelor of Science degree. Becky received her MSN at Otterbein College in 2010. Her passion for prenatal and neonatal nursing compliments her experience. Becky is dedicated to helping families whose babies have been diagnosed prenatally with a birth defect prepare for the baby’s delivery and subsequent treatment.

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