22q Deletion Syndrome: Camdon’s Story

The Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon & ½ Marathon is about much more than running or walking an incredible distance. It’s about 24 Miracle Mile Patient Champions. Each one a new inspiration and another reason to keep running. ​These miraculous kids will be on each mile of the marathon on October 20th, supporting the athletes every step of the way.

On Mile 22 you may catch of glimpse of sweet Camdon. He was born in March of 2012. A few hours after he was born, nurses noticed that Camdon was turning blue, and he was immediately sent here to our neonatal intensive care unit.  Doctors then discovered a problem with his heart called Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia. Within a week of receiving this news, Camdon was also diagnosed with DiGeorge syndrome, also known as 22q Deletion Syndrome.  It occurs in one out of every 4,000 births and has the potential to impact every system in the body, often leading to a wide-range of health issues.

On Sunday, his family and friends otherwise known as “The 22q Dance Crew” will be on Mile 22. Make sure you say Hi!

Help support Camdon’s team now!


Kelly Abrams
Kelly Abrams came to the Foundation at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in October of 2011 and quickly learned the ropes of her position as Assistant Director of Development Communications. Her job duties range from managing creative projects, writing and content development, to riding a motorcycle through the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon & ½ Marathon to document each mile. Kelly never has a dull moment in the ever-changing world of communications. The most fulfilling aspect of her career is forming a bond with patient families who share their stories in hopes to inspire our community. Outside of the office, Kelly is a social butterfly and is rarely sitting still. She enjoys yoga, weekend adventures with her friends and taking advantage of the rare Ohio sunshine.

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