Wouldn’t you love a pediatrician in your pocket?

We all know kids don’t come with instruction manuals (but wouldn’t that be handy).

So it’s good to know that Dr. Michael Patrick, a pediatrician and emergency room physician at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, offers the next best thing. His weekly online radio show, PediaCast, can be downloaded on your computer or favorite portable listening device (you can also find it in iTunes). Each week, thousands of parents around the country download “Dr Mike’s” lively and entertaining shows to get practical news and tips as well as hear answers to questions submitted by listeners. Frequent guests include experts in every pediatric discipline and speciality.

Dr. Mike and his guests fearlessly take on every topic a parent can think of (but maybe was afraid to ask). Just this month Dr. Mike’s topics included:
Academic Performance
Kids Talking Back
Growth Spurts
Potty Training
Sickle Cell Anemia
And many more…

So while you’re making the morning commute or walking the dog, you can tune-in to fun and helpful information. We love that Dr. Mike is based here at Nationwide Children’s (we get great advice). We’re also proud to offer this great program as a free service to parents. With well over one million episode downloads since the program began in 2006, PediaCast is the country’s most-listened-to online source of pediatric information.

Dr. Mike is here in the office two days a week recording his show and he’s always looking for questions and story suggestions. Please write me here with your comments or suggestions for a story, and we’ll be sure to pass them along… Or you can visit the PediaCast webpage.

Donna Teach
Donna Teach is Chief Marketing & Communication Officer at Nationwide Children's. Her job is to help the hospital feel "connected" – Connected to each other, connected to our patients and their families, referring physicians, the community and the world.

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