Sports Medicine

Why Your Child Should Be Strength Training This Summer

Even though it feels like we just put away our winter coats, fall is just around the corner. For fall... Read full post »
Runner running up stairs

Shin Splints

Shin splints are a common exercise problem and sports injury, but what exactly does it mean?  The medical term for... Read full post »
Teen Pitching

Throwing Guidelines for Baseball Players

From that 1st pitch to a throw from outfield to home plate, throwing is a big part of baseball. Shoulder... Read full post »

Preventing Skin Infections in Wrestling

Wrestlers use strength, agility and finesse to wrestle for victory against their opponent. In every practice and match, skin-to-skin contact... Read full post »
Vitamins and Minerals

All About Vitamins and Minerals

The world of vitamin and mineral supplements is ever growing in popularity and doesn’t seem to be losing strength anytime... Read full post »
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What is a PED?

We live in a world where winning is everything and because of that athletes are looking for a competitive edge.... Read full post »
Injury Prevention in Young Athletes

Injury Prevention in Young Athletes

Whether your son or daughter is playing a sport year-round, participating in private lessons/coaching, or playing on an elite AAU... Read full post »

Healthy Meals and Snacks for the Busy Athlete

As a registered dietician, a common phrase I hear is: “I have no time to eat breakfast, plan meals, or... Read full post »