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How to Practice Healthy Feeding Dynamics

Fighting with a picky toddler about what they eat seems to be a rite of passage for most parents. In... Read full post »
Doctors with patient

Complications of Childhood Obesity

By now it’s no secret that our kids are struggling with weight-related issues more than ever before. According to reports,... Read full post »
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Noisy Breathing in Kids

Is your child a noisy breather? Find out why – and what to do about it. Parents’ ears are uniquely... Read full post »

Norovirus: What You Need to Know

We are officially into spring, yet we are still seeing heavy virus activity circulating in our community. Influenza and RSV... Read full post »
The ABCs of BMI

The ABCs of BMI

When is the last time you heard (or said) something like this: “Oh, it’s just baby fat. They’ll grow out... Read full post »
adult congenital heart disease and pregnancy

3 Things Women With Congenital Heart Disease Should Know About Pregnancy

Today, we expect that most children treated for congenital heart disease will survive to adulthood and lead a full adult... Read full post »
Misconceptions of heart care

Common Misconceptions of Life after Heart Surgery

Heart surgery can be a very scary experience for both parents and children. You most likely have questions about how... Read full post »

Benefits of Fluoride in Drinking Water

Did you know tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease – even more prevalent than asthma? Toothaches and... Read full post »