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Runner running up stairs

Shin Splints

Shin splints are a common exercise problem and sports injury, but what exactly does it mean?  The medical term for... Read full post »

How to Practice Healthy Feeding Dynamics

Fighting with a picky toddler about what they eat seems to be a rite of passage for most parents. In... Read full post »
Mom with twins

Tips for Raising Multiples

Disclaimer: I’m an inexpert expert. Let me explain why. I’m a pediatrician. I studied YEARS to get my medical degree,... Read full post »

Preventing Skin Infections in Wrestling

Wrestlers use strength, agility and finesse to wrestle for victory against their opponent. In every practice and match, skin-to-skin contact... Read full post »
The ABCs of BMI

The ABCs of BMI

When is the last time you heard (or said) something like this: “Oh, it’s just baby fat. They’ll grow out... Read full post »
Giving Children Medicine

Get a Black Belt in Giving Medicine

So you waited to see the doctor, then waited in line for the pharmacist to give you your medicine, and... Read full post »

Debunking Diabetes Myths

If your child has been diagnosed with diabetes, you may be wondering what it will be like to manage the... Read full post »

Concussions: What Parents Need to Know

Over the last few years, concussion has become the most common diagnosis seen in our sports medicine clinics. Because these... Read full post »