Boy swimming underwater

Avoiding Swimming Pool Germs

Most private and public swimming pools do a good job of keeping water clean by using chemicals that kill many harmful bacteria. However, even the cleanest pool can still be a place where your child picks up — or transmits — some nasty infections. Your kids can avoid being on the giving or receiving end of illnesses commonly found at the pool by practicing a few simple tips.

  • Children should not swim when they are sick with a cold or stomach illness
  • They should always take a shower before getting in the pool
  • Children should never put pool water in their mouth – for fun, or by accident
  • If pool water is cloudy or you can’t see the bottom – it’s best to stay outSwimming with Germs infographicFollowing these simple tips can help your child avoid getting sick this summer. If your child does come in contact with swimming pool germs and experiences a skin infection, swimmer’s ear, or other illness, visit your pediatrician or nearest Urgent Care for treatment.

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