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image boy pushing peanuts away

What Can Peter Rabbit Teach Us About Food Allergies?

My children and I were excited to see the classic Tale of Peter Rabbit come to life on the movie... Read full post »
image of pregnant woman getting an ultrasound

Fetal Echocardiogram: Cardiologists Evaluating Tiny Hearts

A fetal echocardiogram is a test done during pregnancy to evaluate the heart of an unborn baby. An echocardiogram can... Read full post »
image of child getting an electrocardiogram

What to Expect When Your Child Visits the Heart Clinic

There are a number of reasons why a pediatrician may ask for your child to see a pediatric cardiologist. While... Read full post »
image of young girl wiping her runny nose

How Adenoid Removal May Help Your Child’s Chronic Runny Nose

It’s not unusual to see a kid with a stuffy, runny nose or a child with an ear infection. Often,... Read full post »
Image of adult putting a shoe on a child

First Shoes: Choosing the Right Pair for Your Child

Parenting is full of wonderful moments, but it can also include a fair share of frustrations. One of those frustrations... Read full post »
image of sad girl sitting in bed

Bedwetting: 5 Common Reasons Why Children Wet the Bed

It may be an inconvenience for parents, but bedwetting is a common problem in children. Some children struggle to stay... Read full post »
image of boy

Stem Cell Transplant: Who Can Benefit and Who Can Be the Donor?

A stem cell transplant is a treatment that involves infusing hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells from a donor into a recipient.... Read full post »
image of mom and child reading a book next to a humidifier

Humidifiers for Respiratory Infections: Are They Helpful or Harmful?

We’ve all been there. Our child gets an upper respiratory infection, which causes nasal congestion, difficulty breathing through their nose,... Read full post »