image of family standing around a mixing bowl

Kitchen Readiness: Tips to Keep Your Child Safe

The noises, smells, and socialization of mealtime may be fascinating to young children. Having kids help in the kitchen can... Read full post »
Image of a yellow labrador and a black labrador.

Service Dogs: Supporting Patients and Their Needs

Service dogs were created to provide people with disabilities opportunities to fully participate in everyday life with the least amount... Read full post »
image of a woman helping a girl read

Dyslexia: Helping Kids Who Struggle with Reading, Writing and Spelling

Children who struggle with reading, writing or spelling can be perceived as lacking intelligence or motivation, but they may actually... Read full post »
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Rolling Techniques to Relieve Pain, Discomfort and Tension

Everyone has dealt with sore, tense or cramped muscles from time to time and as a physical therapist, I regularly... Read full post »
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Migraine and Tension Headaches: Using Massage to Ease the Pain

Raise your hand if you enjoy having a headache. Silly, right? Nobody likes the pain, frustration, and lost time a... Read full post »

Teaching Kids a Second Language: Can It Cause a Speech Delay?

Some people may mistakenly believe that raising a child in a bilingual household (meaning they speak more than one language)... Read full post »
Image: Boy and adult man in a swimming pool

Aquatic Therapy: Using Water for Wellness and Independence

Aquatic therapy is the use of water to support or teach a child skills just like they would in “land... Read full post »
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Aromatherapy: Supporting Patients in a Holistic Way

Aromatherapy is becoming more common as a way to support patients during their hospital admission. Aromatherapy is the term for... Read full post »