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What Does it Take to Get a Drug Approved Through the FDA?

Today is Wear Purple Day, a day that gives us an opportunity to raise awareness about epilepsy – a condition... Read full post »

Epilepsy and Learning Disabilities: Helping Children at School

Epilepsy is not just about seizures. What many people don’t realize is that for some children with epilepsy, problems with... Read full post »
How Can I Detect Seizures in My Child When I’m not there?

Can I Detect Seizures in My Child When I’m Not There?

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Epilepsy: Management in School and Sports

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Epilepsy Surgery – Who Can Benefit?

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Is Medical Marijuana Right For Kids With Chronic Illness?

Is Medical Marijuana Right for Kids With Chronic Illness?

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What Are Seizure Clusters?

Some people with epilepsy can have clusters of seizures which are often called “seizure clusters”.  They can be very confusing... Read full post »

Marijuana For Epilepsy

Recently, there has been a lot of news about the use of a portion of the marijuana plant as a... Read full post »