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Stem Cell Transplant: Who Can Benefit and Who Can Be the Donor?

A stem cell transplant is a treatment that involves infusing hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells from a donor into a recipient.... Read full post »
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Translational Cancer Research: Moving Treatment From Lab to Bedside

A common buzz-word in medical schools and academic hospitals, and particularly in cancer centers, is “translational research.” But what does... Read full post »
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Cancer Treatment in Kids with Aggressive Brain Tumors: What’s NEXT?

Cancers in the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system, CNS) are now the most common cause of deaths... Read full post »

Fertility Preservation: Planning For Life Beyond Treatment

Fertility can be a sensitive topic for some families, especially when children and adolescents are faced with life-altering medical conditions... Read full post »

Immunodeficiency and Infection: Who Is at Risk?

I’ve been told my child is immunocompromised – what does that mean? Certain conditions may cause a child to become... Read full post »

Cellular Therapy – Deconstructing a Bone Marrow Transplant to Cure Cancer

Over the past 40 years, carefully combining chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery has brought the overall cure rate for childhood... Read full post »

E-cigarettes and Liquid Nicotine: Are They Safe to Use Around Kids?

You already know that secondhand smoke from cigarettes is bad for your kids, but do you know about the dangers... Read full post »

What You Need to Know About the Newest HPV Vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control recently updated their vaccination guidelines, and one of the new recommendations was for all pre-teens... Read full post »