Blogging with the Bloggers

Did you know that Central Ohio is home to some of our region’s most influential parent Bloggers? I found out first-hand this weekend when my team let me join the Blogger event we held in the new hospital. It was a little intimidating when I showed up with my pen and paper and everyone else had their high-tech smart phones – they were tweeting, photographing, videotaping and “sharing” – all generally making me feel very tech un-savvy! Here is sampling of their tweets.


What a great group of really engaged people. They had all been invited for a sneak preview of the new hospital and a round-table Q&A with 3 of our experts in Development, Nutrition and General Pediatrics. This group came prepared with great questions and I learned a lot as well.

I want to share that day with you too. So here are two videos: 1st one: Blogger Tour 2nd one: Q & A session with our experts. Enjoy!

Donna Teach
Donna Teach is Chief Marketing & Communication Officer at Nationwide Children's. Her job is to help the hospital feel "connected" – Connected to each other, connected to our patients and their families, referring physicians, the community and the world.

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